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"...becoming trauma-responsive is the most important movement of our time."

Elizabeth Power, MEd, Founder,  The Trauma Informed Academy

Elizabeth Power, M.Ed. focuses on reducing the time, trauma, and costs of healing, and has since the 1980s. During her tenure in corporate talent development,she made things easier through better learning.


She is an international authority in the social and personal application of trauma-informed thinking, integrating Emotional Intelligence in her work.


The Trauma Informed Academy serves people in healthcare, social services, customer service, education and faith communities. Power is an Adjunct Instructor in Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Become deeply trauma-informed.


Reduce the time, trauma, and costs of healing for everyone, everywhere.

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We’re surrounded by traumatic experiences at every turn, from natural disaster to genocide, trafficking, abuse, war, and more. The impact on health, learning, and earnings is profound. Whether it’s trauma with a ‘big T’ or a ‘little t’, becoming trauma-responsive is the most important movement of our time.

Elizabeth Power, M.Ed.
Founder, The Trauma-Informed Academy (and primary course author)


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